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Bryce – All things in the dark will be revealed

Heavenly Father I just received the text from Bryce at 9:33 am. You saw it. She told him and Caryn that I didn’t go Papa’s birthday because I didn’t want to be around them. She said I said I made him and boasted about the money he was paid to help me when Josh was […]

False Teachers – Truth Mixed with Lies

Division in the church… seems like it shouldn’t exist (in Christ is to be one accord with Him)… I watched several messages today from several different pastors with intros based on what other churches are wrong about, before going into an hour of why “I” am right and other churches have it all wrong. One […]

Why did Jesus say the world would hate true followers of Christ?

Jesus said, “The world will hate you because it hated me first.”  He told the disciples they would be hated for HIS NAME’S SAKE and he said the time would come when HIS would be kicked out of synagogues (religious assemblies – the congregation) and the very ones that kick you out of the congregation, […]

Struck Down on the Broad Road in order to find THE NARROW PATH

In “Father Please Let Him Live”, there was a process that started our journey that continues to be one the most humbling, life-changing, eye-opening experiences of my life.  And I often think about Saul (who later became the Apostle Paul).  It seems he had a lot going for him.  He was a young, highly intelligent […]

For God So Loved the World.. He Gave us The Way to Be Removed from It

Life is a really disturbing thing, because it lacks meaning.  It’s like dedicating all that I am for a race – so that I can win the trophy.  But at the end of that race, looking upon the trophy only brings temporary joy.  It doesn’t last.  Nor does life. The curse of Adam and Eve […]

We are Heirs with Christ IF we Suffer With Him – Romans 8 – THE WORD OF GOD

I think one of the major turning points in my faith settled in when my Granny got sick. Nothing made sense anymore. If God rewards believers in His Son with health, wealth and prosperity, why would the most unselfish, kind-hearted, God-fearing person I’ve ever known suffer so badly? It was a question in my heart […]