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Mankind Diseased Broken and Condemned, Jesus is the Healing Living Water

What is the purpose of brokenness? If God loves us, why doesn’t he just give us beautiful lives and sit up there on a cloud smiling as we laugh and sing and prosper and celebrate his gifts as we live it up in this world? Why would he allow…

I don't deserve to live

I've spent most of my days contemplating what I deserve - like a spoiled child, questioning why others have more than me, better than me, less hurt or less trials.  And in spiritual ideas that lack truth I looked upon the story of a broken…

Broken is Beautiful Because it Starts a Process

Sometimes when I receive something from the Lord, explaining that idea or thought to another seems almost impossible.  Perhaps this is why Jesus, himself spoke in parables.  God has been revealing to me throughout this season of my life the…