The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. For many are called, but few are chosen.

When Pain Causes us To Curse or Disbelieve in God

That’s the point of the test.  At least that’s what Satan said about it – word for word.  In the story about Job Satan basically said to God, “The only reason that guy loves you is because you’ve given him everything he wants.”  Then Satan said, “If you raise your hand and strike down his stuff, he will curse you.”  By stuff, we’re talking Job losing his entire family, all his riches, his friends and finally his own health.  I don’t know anyone who’s had THAT bad…  Would God allow such a test?  Yes he did allow it.  And the purpose defined in this exchange was to see if Job would curse him… if everything in his life was destroyed and he felt abandoned and full of the worst heartbreak and exterior pain that’s imaginable all in one… would he curse God?  Would he say, “I don’t even believe in you anymore!”  Would he say, “You can’t be real because you let all this happen to me.”

Man….  I have failed this in the past and I thank God for giving me another shot at this test.

The One Who Writes in the Sand

In everything I go through, I pick up baggage. Good and bad. In my highest places I pick up self-confidence and in my lowest I pick up scars. Just two examples of the endless little souvenirs that find a home in my mind and in my heart. My mom…

The Least of these ALL ONE

What if the "least of these are all one"?  Because isn't that what the Lord says?  That the least of these are HIS and not only belonging to Him, but in representation OF HIM.  He says what we do to the least of these we do unto Him - as…

The indescribable Joy birthed in Pain

A woman that found me on facebook after reading my book posted last night about her husband attending church for the first time, and standing on his feet for the first time since his stroke that occurred several months back.  She shared her…

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About Me

My name is Jodi.

I’m a mother, wife and caregiver.

In my 30’s, my world was turned upside down, (2 years ago).

As life seems to be standing still on most days. I travel this broken path with humility, pain, emotions that change like the waves crashing along the seashore… and a glimmer of HOPE, that somehow in this mess of shattered pieces of me, something beautiful is being designed.

Here I share my heart with you…  <3


The Butterfly

I’m sitting on the patio and a butterfly just came right up in front of me and made a few circles by my face… and I’m reminded of what the Lord shared with me about the butterfly months back when I first made this website and placed the butterfly as the image of Broken is Beautiful…. I’m reminded of the destination – “a new creature”… I’m reminded that caterpillars have to wallow in the dirt, day in and day out until its time for them to die to themselves.. they stop eating and they curl up in a ball and digest their own flesh to form a cocoon… and then that creature that looks like its left for dead, breaks free from that cocoon, spreads its new wings and flies. I see the work of Jesus on the cross in the demonstration of the butterfly and it’s a beautiful demonstration of the process we are in.