FREE WILL – a Gift from Who?

Free Will… It’s an interesting study because it’s often spoken of as a gift from God. But where did He give it? He gave Adam and Eve Eden and everything they could desire within (except one stumbling block that was against HIS will).. Satan’s the one that offered them free will – which was to go against God’s will. But how could it be a gift when the outcome is death? Looking at something else God gave – the gift of His Son who certainly didn’t exercise anything remotely close to “free will”.. In fact the thing He spoke in just about every encounter was “I do my Father’s will.”… “I do the will of the one who sent me.” He did nothing by HIS OWN WILL and allowed no one to think otherwise. “YOU can DO.. YOU can CHANGE… YOU can ACHIEVE… You can CONQUER… YOU can –Fill in the blank with pretty much anything— and it’s a self-made throne.

A lot of sermons today are preaching free will – wrapped un in a pretty bow with the name of Christ attached to it. But it’s not of Him.  He said follow ME.  He didn’t say you could make a way, he said HE’s the only way.  He didn’t say you could have or achieve or create.  He said you can lay down your life and surrender to Him.

God is in control of every single micro-cell within His creation. and every word He spoke will come to pass according to HIS will for the glory of HIS name.

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