When I first started working out I didn’t have any idea where I was going with it, other than I wanted to lose weight and tone up. The thing is I weighed like 97 pounds so losing weight was a bad idea. However, I had body fat. Specifically, in my lower mid section, my lower back and my butt area, (well, under my glutes technically). I didn’t really have any glute muscles – very little.

So I started running the stair stepper and doing sit-ups with zero idea how I would accomplish or maintain my ideal body and at first, it seemed to work. I was losing the back fat and trimming down in all the right areas. Fast forward a couple of months and I was working out 2 to 3 times a day and basically had become obsessed with this getting fit idea.

It wasn’t until October did I realize that I needed an actual plan – and furthermore, that I needed to know what I was doing. I freaked out because I’d reached 117 pounds (that’s a lot for me), and even though I was pretty tone and much of the weight gain was in my butt, or glutes and my legs, I felt like I was simply getting too big. Also, my waste had increased. Were my abs muscular? Yes. But I wasn’t as tiny as I had been before and my jeans were even fitting snug around my waste, which wasn’t going to work for me.

I stopped eating. Plus, I had a trip planned to Vegas – so about a week before is when this all hit the fan and I stopped all of my workout routines except the stair stepper (cardio) and I started taking in hardly any food to lose the weight I’d gained. Guess what happened? I lost a TON OF MUSCLE! Guess what else happened? My body started storing fat. In about a week’s timing I looked awful. Ok… maybe not “awful” but I wasn’t happy at all with the shrinking of my butt and the new little fat deposit that had formed under my butt, upper thigh. My waste was very skinny but I didn’t look as fit there either.

Lesson? Don’t ever stop eating when you’re trying to get in shape. Also, cardio is NOT where it’s at for a female – at least not a female my age. We need muscle. Will cardio fix a short term goal to lose weight? If combined with diet change… probably. However, it won’t give you a long term effect – the change is basically gone when you stop doing it or slow down.

I plan to talk a lot about this later in the get fit sections of this site but for now… I’m just going to share my new goals based on where I’m at right now – not very specific – broad goals…

  • Build muscle to metabolize long term results
  • Settle into routine that works with my career schedule
  • Stop obsessing over how much I eat and continue to tweak the quality of what I eat
  • Set realistic expectations on the end result, if not already achieved (interesting…. I need to ponder that)
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