I’m an imperfect, human being – a girl on a journey to find truth in a world that constantly tries to weigh me down with lies.

I’m learning each day how to sift through the broken parts of my life and find understanding in my pain.  I’m learning how to let go of the world’s expectations of what I’m supposed to look like, dress like, talk like and even believe in.  I’m learning that broken can be beautiful – introducing a type of freedom to my life that I’d never before experienced.

Take this journey with me – with US all.

My story is your story and ultimately, it’s God’s story.

Jodi: The Author…

I wrote Father Please Let Him Live to share the most difficult experience of my life with others – as the love of my life fought to escape death.  We were told his chances of survival were not good and then we were told that his life was basically gone, even if his heart continued to beat past the 2 emergency brain surgeries.

But the real story isn’t about Josh living – it’s not even about the miracles we experienced watching him regain functions that many would say are scientifically impossible – miracles.  Yes, they were truly miracles.  Even so, the real miracle was finding Jesus at the bottom of hopelessness – a moment of surrender that I couldn’t have found any other way.

I’m a writer because the Lord has given me this task: to share our testimony.  And through the process of sifting through our own pile of ashes, I’ve learned that I’ve been crying out for help my entire life – broken all along, but too busy chasing a lie to admit that even to myself.

My mission is to chase after the truth and help others find it too.  Life is too short to miss the point of it all – to stay in bondage, searching for purpose in a world that dictates our self-worth in a mountain of lies.

Broken is Beautiful – it really is!  I hope you’ll take this journey with me as we discover ourselves, the way God intended – unraveling the lies, layer by layer to see HIM inside of us.

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name, (John 1:12)

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