Bryce – All things in the dark will be revealed

Heavenly Father I just received the text from Bryce at 9:33 am. You saw it. She told him and Caryn that I didn’t go Papa’s birthday because I didn’t want to be around them. She said I said I made him and boasted about the money he was paid to help me when Josh was […]

Condition of the Human Heart and the God that Goes After the One Lost

We don’t want what we don’t work for, what we don’t earn or think we worked to deserve or what doesn’t run the opposite direction away from us. No, we want what we can’t have until we have it and then it becomes meaningless. Cheap. Of no value. It hurts when you feel unwanted, especially […]

The Son of God had a Last Request

I see so many people speaking out against people, calling it God’s work – warning one another of the evil they see in something other than themselves. In the world of prophecy, it seems everyone’s looking for the beast, the antichrist, the false prophet and proclaiming knowledge of such things – fingers pointed in absolute […]