Bryce – All things in the dark will be revealed

Heavenly Father I just received the text from Bryce at 9:33 am.

You saw it. She told him and Caryn that I didn’t go Papa’s birthday because I didn’t want to be around them. She said I said I made him and boasted about the money he was paid to help me when Josh was in the hospital. She accused me of saying that Papa was making her sick – those are her words all of them. She’s the one that said all of these things and you know the truth. I never complained about Bryce not giving me a job. I said “it’s not your plan for me” and kept praying for you to open a door. I never said I made Bryce. I said that I couldn’t have done it without him and that you put all the puzzle pieces in place so that I could take care of Josh while in the hospital. She’s the one that always told me that I did too much for Bryce and that I gave him too much money – Never once did I come into agreement with her seeds of discord. You see all things Lord. You have watched this happening this entire time.

Steve Harvey says when God is getting someone out of your life its because he sees things we don’t see and conversations we don’t hear. You are truly bringing all things in darkness to light for me to see right now. This woman has been trying to sabotage every relationship I’ve had since she stepped foot into HOUSTON and it’s my fault for allowing her to do it in my inner court. She convinced me that my own kids were using me and she tells me “Your son has $8,000 in his account and he’s using you.” Then she tells me how Kenna has so much money and she’s using me too. Then she goes on and about big Josh manipulating my kids to use me. This is so crazy God….

Lee told me there’s a web of lies… the lady at the church told me there’s a web of lies… She’s literally lied to me my entire life about everything concerning all these dads and my identity and then I just heard that she paid off Tim to lie to Lloyd. Where does it end Lord?

Are you showing me all of this so my heart can be broken one final time and I can know to never look back at this again?

This woman tries to get me and Tori to hate one another. What does she gain from any of this?

Heavenly Father your word says that vengeance belongs to you and that you will not be mocked and that Jesus is truth and the “father of lies” is overcome by the blood of Christ. I ask you to give me closure and forgiveness in my heart and to get this ick off of me that I feel in reading and learning about all of this.

Your word says that you are my strength and my refuge. Your word says that you are Father of the fatherless and defender of the widows. As soon as I got that divorce this massive attack seems to have been brewing against me. You are the only one who can judge me and Lord you see all this – every idle word, every backbiting comment, every accusation – you just showed me that after I dust my feet off from the home that doesn’t accept me that I’d be delivered up to the synagogue and accused for YOUR SAKE. I hope I did what you wanted to me to do Lord. I told Bryce “I’m not to defend myself.” I write here and ask you to be my defender. I ask you to rewrite my story and please get me away from the face of the serpent.

Oh wow, you just brought the Cardinal to me… It’s Granny!

Thank you Lord… she’s saying “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty…”

That woman continuing called me “cinderella”… Please send me your kingdom Lord. I pray your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen…

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