The Storm that Breaks the Chord – The Shift

Yesterday I woke up with a heavy pressure in my head and ears as the sounds coming from the back of the house revealed rain. There is a phenomenon with storm pressure that can cause pressure within our bodies – particularly the head region. As the feeling came and went throughout the day I became more agitated that I couldn’t rid of it completely. The only thing that seemed to provide relief was to lay down.

Last night I realized that I felt better when I cuddled up on the sofa with my dog. Then as I would get up to let him out and do various tasks, I was reminded again of the heavy pressure and popping noises inside of my head.

The pressure comes before the release but what is it that God wants to release in me right now?

I woke up last night reminded of my second prophetic dream in a sequence of 3 that would revisit me often in this season. That dream featured me and another in the sky tied to a cord that had one side snapped onto our harnesses and the other side attached to the earth below – a boat. When a massive storm came and everyone below was running, I panicked trying to find an idea to get back to the ground. But I had no way to do that – no control over the situation. The pressure of that storm as it fully reached us, broke the cord that connected us to the earth below.

Today I saw this message about “brainstorm” in my archives from 2018.

Its crazy to read this and see how there are thoughts that try to control – yet as Christ demonstrated, they were all a lie. None of it was even real what the disciples perceived. The pressure isn’t even real – it’s a self-inflicted idea that we must do or control something, rather than just being.

The need to lay down is a lie as well. The connection is internal remembering that there is no such thing as negative in the singularity of God. All is good. All is perfect. All is finished – by His Stripes. Only the mind (the enemy of God) wants to look for what’s wrong and focus on that thing as it wants to have a task and a purpose. The mind thinks it must inspect and fix and sometimes will create issues just to find a function so it can feel important.

Laying down last night I was covered in the rewinding whirlwind of his Holy Spirit. As I type this last sentence and then prepare to go enjoy a hot bath I feel zen. I feel good. I feel the return of flow to my tummy and sacral and the amazing healing circling me.

There is no such thing as sickness… Remember?

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