The Unclean Lie

Everywhere we turn right now, we’re shunned and judged by something or someone.  It doesn’t matter how you dress, talk, walk, where you’re from, what color skin you have or what you believe in – there’s an opposition so strong and so loud, it’s nearly impossible to ignore.

Recently, I found a friend that I’d never felt more kindred with – a friend I’ve known yet not known for most of my adult life.  The feeling of being accepted, wanted and understood I had yearned for and in a moment of weakness, this friend seemed like a savior to me.  So much so, I truly believed with all of my heart that God had sent him into my life as an angel to help bring me back to life – remind me that I’m not crazy, not used up, not condemned and worth so much more than what I’d been led to believe by the surroundings that had imprisoned me for years.

Fast forward nearly 3 years and I find myself feeling the spirits of condemnation, control and judgement from the very places that once felt like home – the old and the new – the blood tied relationships that had fostered me through my entire life, as well as the new connections that had made me feel alive again in this place that has never felt like home.

I walk through each day just wanting to cry….

Jesus we need you.

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