Is it Ok Lord?

Is it ok to laugh Lord at the vileness of our intention

Is it ok to cry when the dust settles where your wind sends it

Is it ok to desire the slope after the crest of a wave

In normalcy i thank you for the short sobering breaks

And when i tremble at the burden of the heart that looks upon us broken

Is it ok that I weary in the heaviness of your words spoken

Will you forgive me for the resistance that i war with inside

Will you give me the strength to combat all these lies

And when this dust settles and the sandcastles are destroyed

Is it ok then, or will i regret all that’s void

Teach me to number the days of this walk

Teach me to fight for the jewels of your flock

Leave me no regrets as this vapor now scatters

Help me to find life beyond the deception of matter

Is it ok that i can’t shake the fear of this ending

Is ok that i long for the unseen beginning

Guard my heart in all things that are true

Cast away the heaviness of this world that’s not you

Bring me to the gates where the counsel awaits

But let me not go until you have sealed our faith

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