False Teachers – Truth Mixed with Lies

Division in the church… seems like it shouldn’t exist (in Christ is to be one accord with Him)… I watched several messages today from several different pastors with intros based on what other churches are wrong about, before going into an hour of why “I” am right and other churches have it all wrong. One of the messages quoted 2 lines of biblical text from two different testaments of 2 different books to make a point against a huge list of biblical statements that said pastor “heard his whole life” and now disagrees with. It was like an hour and a half of attempting to debunk the word of God, using a few lines of the Word of God as a tool. You know it says in Amos this.. “The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when I will send a famine through the land– not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.”.. and so I ask myself, why would people no longer hear the words of the Lord? Is it perhaps because those who seek the Lord listen to a person with a microphone for answers instead of asking the Lord for answers? It also says in Timothy this, “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” The people will gather around a great number of teachers?… and these teachers tell the people what they WANT to hear.. What could he possibly be referring to?… I pray that we seek the Lord for truth while we can.. DIRECTLY asking the Lord for His wisdom, which He said He will give it to us freely if we ask. Jesus never said you should go to bible school to learn from Him. He never said to follow others or believe in others or seek Him through others .. He said HE is the High Priest. He’s the Teacher. He’s the Counselor. He’s the truth and the ONLY WAY to the Father… No one has the answer except Jesus because HE is the answer. You’ve got questions? Ask him. Don’t ask people.  It’s not an idea to try out.  It’s a matter of life and death – GOD said, “My children are perishing because of lack of knowledge” and he said “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but FOOLS despise wisdom and instruction.”  Where is the fear of the Lord in our world today?  Where is the fear of the Lord in our churches?
I watched one preacher hold up the Bible and say “If it’s not in here it’s a lie”… and in the same breathe he quoted a scripture (he didn’t tell the people it was a scripture but I recognized the words straight out of the book of Isaiah), and he said “it’s not true”. Every word spoken by God is true. Heaven and earth will pass away but not one word spoken by God will pass away. And if Heaven is the goal, why will God cause it to pass away? God doesn’t want a place that he can create in a day all over again with ease.. God wants a people for Himself… a people that don’t need to be RIGHT, puffing out our chests trying to oppose one another and even opposing the word of God so that we can fill up seats in our cemeteries we call HIS HOUSE with a bait and hook of something new.  “I’ve got a word no ones heard before…. everyone’s wrong and I’m right and let me give you some signs and wonders to prove I’m right.”  This is all biblical folks.  The spirit of pride is running rampant and it’s deceiving us all, missing the voice of God that will only and can only come from vessels that don’t need to be exalted among men.. a people that don’t want knowledge of their own but instead surrender to HIS WILL and in perfection of HIS doing, they will love Him with the same fierce, sacrificial love that was demonstrated in His Son Jesus that died on the cross for a people that didn’t deserve anything good. He wants a direct relationship with us.  But who’s begging for Him, surrendering to Him, working out their salvation with trembling and fear – who’s throwing away the knowledge of this world and asking God to help us become like little children that will listen to HIM and HIM ALONE and will seek HIM with all their hearts. The fallen angels listened to satan instead of God. Eve listened to satan instead of obeying God. Mankind gather around teachers because they have itching ears instead of surrendering at the feet of Jesus and screaming from the deepest pits of their broken hearts, “God help me to shut out the noise and the lies and the corrupted knowledge of men and TEACH ME of you.  I need to know you for REAL.  I need to know that if tomorrow the sun doesn’t shine and I’m the only one left on Earth that I have everything that I need because I have YOU inside of me, speaking to me, leading me, guiding me and walking with me down the narrow path that FEW WILL FIND.  Help me find it God!
I talked to my grandpa today for a long time on the phone. Everytime we speak, he just loves talking about the Word of God. He’s 80 years old and has followed the Lord his entire life. You know the most beautiful thing about his relationship with the Lord is his humbleness and meekness concerning the things of God. He’s full of trials and experiences and wisdom that far exceeds someone like me – I haven’t even hit 40 and yet I’m part of a generation of people that just think we know everything sadly.. This elderly man is like a child in spirit. He finishes every sentence with “God Knows”… “God is in control”… “God will do”.. “God has done”… “God is on the throne”… He’s like a little child dependent upon his Father and fully believing that God knows best and that all things (the good and the bad) work for the best outcome of God’s chosen. I needed that talk with him today. Lately it seems the things that bother me the most are matters of the church. The division, the false teachings, the self-exaltation in doctrines of devils (that’s EXACTLY what they are), and modern beliefs that seem to attack the authority and sovereignty of our powerful Lord – seated at the throne, holding the keys to death in his hand, unlocking the seals of time and possessing a people internally with the Good Seed of Christ within. But just like in everything, God is in power of that too… We are here.  We are truly HERE.  “The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when I will send a famine through the land– not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.” That day has come and it’s been developing and manifesting into the place of HERE AND NOW that we find ourselves in today and please hear my heart, we are in TROUBLE.  Our world is so full of mankind’s foolishness – HIS WORD mixed with a love for the creation more than the creator and the carnal mind, which is enmity with God, seems to be always at war with trying to frame up God, trying to understand Him and listening to others for direction instead of seeking the source of truth directly… then we walk around dangling our ideas in the ears of others like WE hold the key to something.. Like WE HAVE THE ANSWER and friends we do not.  My Grandpa said, “The more I know, the more I know that I know nothing… but GOD knows everything.”… So sweet and humble – like the words of Paul when he told the church of Corinthians, “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” Pride is so foolish and I just thank the Lord today for his long-suffering with all of us little children. I thank you Lord for continuing to circumcise my heart and take pride out of me, one disgusting spec at a time. I thank you Lord for allowing so much to be taken out of my hands so that I could see how powerless my hands are and how mighty YOURS are. I thank you for destroying my dreams – the sandcastles I was building in chasing heaven on earth in a world that you said hates you Jesus.  You are not of this world and its’ a battle everyday for me to not fall into this world.  I thank you Lord for never leaving us nor forsaking us and for your jealousy as we so often choose “self” over unity with Christ – yet YOU pursue us still. I thank you Lord that we have a high priest who knows our struggles and loves us and wraps us in compassion, sending the Comforter with peace that surpasses ALL understanding… Jesus may have been frustrated the first time with rebuking the storm.. but that second time the disciples were sent out in the boat, they endured. God is raising us up to be equally yoked with His Perfect Son and He will finish what he started. But will we surrender to His will fully and allow him to unlock our destiny with Him.  Thank you Lord for the wisdom of YOU in my Papa shared with me today. <3
My heart is crying Lord.  Please have mercy on me and all of your children.  Please strengthen us in YOU and YOU alone.  Give us your spirit and help us to run this race with endurance.  You are the finish line.  If I don’t seek your face with all my heart, mind and spirit, rip me back on the path Lord.  Please don’t let me perish with the things that are prepared and ready to pass away.  Thank you for mercy and kindness.  in Jesus name’

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