All Things Sad

So… my iphone had been sitting on my dresser charging while I was in the other room.  Suddenly it started playing a song – apparently Siri chose it, as the song of choice isn’t anything I’ve ever heard of it and apparently doesn’t even exist anywhere on the internet outside of a post in itunes.  I can’t even find it by title.. no lyrics.. nothing.  I listened the best I could on repeat and I think this is the lyrics…

As I charted out my passage

Took a punch and i’ve been had

borrowed wisdom for my tender

self made plan and a self made man

Bankrupt dreams and empty promies

Do not ever satisfy

topshelf bottles life’s hard choices

swallowed hard but left me dry

sunlight’s gone the shadow branches

and I thought I saw you there

just a swaying dancing

to the music in the air

you’re right outside along the edges

of what I saw and thought I knew

Til the veil was finally lifted

and all things sad became untrue

I want to hear a real good story

and I want to pass it along

To anyone who might be listening

To the weak and to the strong

to the hungry and the helpless

til the right replaces wrong

til the author of the story

fill the earth with his good song

you’re right outside along the edges

of what i saw and thought i knew

til the veil is finally lifted

and all things sad become untrue


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