Cut the Chord of the tree of knowledge and return us Home to You Lord

I’m just going to start typing and asking the Lord to speak what He wants to say – pushing aside the things I think in my own thoughts and asking Him for a revealing of the messages He’s placing on my heart and speaking today through His Spirit on subject of self awareness and self consciousness.

Self consciousness is tiered in two ideas – one being physical and one being internal, however the physical is a strong hold that battles against the internal.  To be self conscious in the spiritual is to see ourselves as a connected source of God that has no individual existence without Christ.  The physical self is a diety of what lies in the background, or the past – an image of the very thing that was nailed to the cross with Christ as he was made a curse in the flesh to destroy the fleshly nature of men for all who will accept Him internally – surrendering ourselves, dying to ourselves, denying ourselves and empties of ourselves to be filled with HIM – see the wedding where Jesus instructed all of bottles to be first emptied before he poured the new wine into them (water turned to wine) only by the blood of Jesus.

The mirror is a tool of self consciousness in the physical battling against the spirit of God to show us a reality or existence that sets outside of the unity with God in a shell or body that exists in the past – prior to being nailed to the cross with Christ – Paul explained this as he said it’s no longer who lives but Christ now living in Him and said he was nailed to the cross with Christ so that he may rise with Christ.

The physical state of self consciousness will always appeal to what it wants – it’s desires – what the physical eyes behold and either enjoy or wish to improve upon – it’s very difficult to be content with what we have, seeing ourselves in the physical.  No matter how beautiful we may think we are outwardly, we are always by our human nature displeased and found wanting – wanting more, wanting something different.. wanting improvement and wanting exaltation from the current physical place of reality we behold.  These thoughts are a consistent, and often-never ending attack upon our spiritual walk in Christ and the carnality of our minds are an entanglement that is against the spirit of God – as scripture says, the carnal mind (human mind) is enmity with God.

The human mind is never satisfied, never content, never surrendering to joy in its current circumstances no matter how good or bad they are – the human mind is always looking for a better outcome.. it wants more, it wants change.  This characteristic is in alignment with the fall of satan, who was in the Heavenlies when his heart said it will exhalt ITSELF above God.  The heart is made sick once self has taken form from thought.

Heavenly Father I pray that your children near and far are awakened by you to see the battle – the intense battle that we are in with ourselves.  The mind that your word says we must take captive of its thoughts in obedience to Christ.  Father give us eyes to see the mustard seed that you have implanted in us as the seed of Christ that YOU increase when we surrender and seek after your kingdom within.  Father help us to stop looking at one another as if we are the point and others are the enemy, but instead to see that we are the portion of the Lord and our brothers and sisters are one with us as that portion that belongs to you.  God you know all things and your Spirit speaks beyond the chatter of these minds, speak louder Lord, shake us up and help us to find our way Home to you – illuminate the narrow path and guide us to find it.


Thank you Jesus… <3



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