The Bride and the LukeWarm Church

Who is The Bride of Christ?  In a study through the book of Revelation tonight I was shown something I’ve not before seen – a certain reward only spoken of by Jesus to a direct group – the Church of Philadelphia.  Jesus describes these people as faithful to Him through their trials and tribulation.  He talks about their patience, (which is referenced throughout the bible as a result of enduring affliction and trial), he talks about their current state – having only a little strength left.  This people I believe corresponds with the parable Jesus spoke in the book of Luke about the wedding feast – the first ones that were taken weren’t in very good condition.. they were the blind and the sick and the weak and the lame.  Likewise in Jesus’ message to the Church of Philadelphia he said that he will keep them from the hour of temptation…. this Church of Philadelphia.  But here’s a really amazing thing he said.. He told them that to those who overcome He will write the name of his God (sounds like a wedding… the bride takes the name of the groom), and then he said that he will write the name of God’s city on them, which is New Jerusalem.  In Revelation 20, John saw the bride of Christ.. He says this, “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”…. New Jerusalem IS THE BRIDE, and the Church of Philadelphia is the only church Jesus promised to write God’s name on them and New Jerusalem.  Who is the bride?  I believe the bride is the church of Philadelphia.

But what about the 7th church?  Who are the Laodicians?  This is the church that most people I think don’t want to be part of, as so many talk about the “lukewarm church” as a group that’s in great danger.  And they very well may be, as the Lord issued a threat to “spew them out of his mouth”… but He also issued a way and a very great promise to this 7th and final church in his messages.  He told them that they must buy gold of him “tried by the fire”.. and then said they must endure AS HE ENDURED.  And if they do these things, he promised them that they will sit with him on the throne.  This is huge.  If you recall, the disciples asked Jesus for this right.  They requested to sit at the throne with Jesus.  Jesus told them that they didn’t know what they were asking for and then asked if they could drink from HIS cup…. that cup was so intense it caused Jesus to sweat blood as he prayed to the Father and asked Him to take the cup from him.  What is required to sit at the throne with Jesus?  To endure AS HE ENDURED.  What does this mean to the often looked down upon group of souls that belong to this church?  It means they’re really important to God.  It also means they have a very tough road ahead of them, yet a very amazing reward awaiting them…. to sit at the throne with Jesus?  I’ve not found that promise offered anywhere else in the bible to anyone.

The first will be made last and the last will be made first…..

Many say they are the bride of Christ, and I believe that revelation is only one that can come to a person directly from the Lord.  But to all who have been told by God that they are part of this important group of tried and sanctified, loyal lovers of Christ, I would suggest this… the role we have as a bride is of the utmost importance to those who follow.  Because the “lukewarm church” that so many of us discuss like pointing fingers at the guilty – trying to define who’s who in these messages given by Jesus, happens to be a VERY important group to God.. perhaps the most important of all, considering this is the only church offered a reward to sit at the throne with our Lord an Savior.  So, I just pray tonight that the Lord will reveal to us through His spirit who we are and why we’re here – what mission he has for us in serving Him and the ones He sends us to… and that we see ourselves as servants (below the ones who are called by God to endure as Jesus endured).

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