Why did Jesus say the world would hate true followers of Christ?

Jesus said, “The world will hate you because it hated me first.”  He told the disciples they would be hated for HIS NAME’S SAKE and he said the time would come when HIS would be kicked out of synagogues (religious assemblies – the congregation) and the very ones that kick you out of the congregation, will think they are doing God a favor…. that’s what JESUS said.

It seems like the narrative here in the United States leads to an exception for us based on the nation we live in.  So, we look at people oversees persecuted and ultimately killed in many instances because of their faith in Christ, and kinda just say, “well that’s not for us because we live in a country with religious freedom.”  It’s interesting that this perspective makes the nation more sovereign than God in many ways.  Like God doesn’t have the power to stop martrys from being killed, but the US is the safety place for Christians.  Yet this doesn’t line up with prophecy nor does it line up with the words of Jesus Himself.  He never said, “unless you live here or there.”  In fact he warned about going “here or there” if anyone tells you that Christ is there…. in discussion of being deceived.

Mathew 10:22 says, “You will be hated by ALL because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.“….. that doesn’t sound like a “unless you live in this or that nation”… hated by ALL because of HIS name.

Understanding that the enemy copies pretty much everything that God does, with a deceiving twist, (truth mixed with lies), and the straight path is narrow that few will find, are we missing something?  Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit there’s no way I can break this down, and that may be just be not the Will of the God.

So I just want to say this.  Ask questions to GOD.  Not to other people.. not to your preacher or your mom or your grandparents.  Seek Jesus and Jesus alone.  Ask JESUS what’s going on…  Jesus said those who seek Him will find.

If we look just at the 144,000 alone that have the seal of the God.  And I’m not interested in talking about what “men” say this number is, because I know men are wrong, they will always be wrong and the truth will never come from human calculation of thought – the carnal mind simply can not understand the things of His spirit…  it’s only about 5% of the population, (a small remnant).  And we can say, well those who go to church and believe in Jesus will be raptured first, but that would be over 70% of Americans, (say they are Christians, based on poling) – a distant reality from “narrow and few will find”.  And yet Jesus in his messages to the 7 churches (those that belong to Him) only told one group that they would be kept from the hour of temptation… the Church of Philadelphia and if you read his description of this group, they don’t fit our population of Christians very well.  He says this group is weak and only have a little bit of strength left but they have kept the faith and not denied Him…  They refused to deny “the Truth, the Way and the Life”… and once again, He said the path is narrow and few will find it… He said MANY are called but FEW are chosen.  Why are they so weak and what kind of trials did they endure, and what kind of hatred was spewed at them, making it appropriate for Him to point out that they had kept their faith in Him.  Why was it so hard for them to do that?  Were they hated by the world for His Name’s sake as he said would be?

Being a “christian” around here is popular, not hated.  The doctrines all seem to mirror one another and “the point” seems to always be focused on “self works” with reward – conform to this or that… do what we do.. say what we say.. follow what we follow and make sure you gather with us once a week and pay tithes to our projects…. and God will bless your life with all the things you want in the here and now, carnal-minded, temporary life that James said is like a vapor.  How did the focus of our minds and hearts get set on a vapor within congregations that gather in the name of Jesus?  And what is Grace if it’s not seasoned with salt?  What did Jesus defeat on the cross?  Death. Sin.  What is death and sin?  Romans 7:5 calls it “the realm of the flesh”…

I’m just gonna stop here.. thank you Lord for YOU ARE LIFE and nothing but YOU is LIFE…. nothing…




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