Reflections and Prayer – Holding onto Promises

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your blessings and your sovereign hand in all of our trials that you promise to deliver us from.  God, I just want to reflect on where we’ve been and praise you for never leaving me.  Thank you for the miracles you’ve continued to show us and the changes you make in our hearts along the way.  Lord, I don’t know what this day brings but I ask you to build my faith and help me to focus on the things that are lovely and good.  God help me to forgive others and face this world without judgemental lenses – but in the pureness of your eyes and your vision that you give to me.  Jesus, please walk with me and give me strength, rest in you and joy even when on the outside it may not look joyful.  Help me to hold onto the promise that all things broken will be mended in you and that all things lost will be added stronger and better than ever before.  I pray for healing and I ask you Lord to finish what you’ve started in my family.

Thank you Abba Father for hearing my heart always.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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