Watch Jodi Interviewed on TV about new book Father Please Let Him Live

Updated… Here is the video of the TV show I appeared on in February to discuss Father Please Let Him Live.  Thank you Lord for continuing to use us for your Glory and to send us the people who you would have us testify to of your goodness and mercy and Jesus’ presence with us and through us as we walk through the storms of this temporary life.




I will appear on the Christian TV Talk Show “It’s Time” with Herman and Sharron Bailey on Tuesday, February 6th at 9am and 4pm, Central Standard Time.  For Houston DirecTV customers, it’s channel 376.

It’s Time airs on CTN – Christian TV Network, with national reach to DirecTv and Dish Network customers.  The show also airs on the CTN website.  To find out how to watch the show in your area, visit CTNONLINE.COM.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to discuss my new book, Father Please Let Him Live.  My prayer is that through our testimony, lives will be encouraged in Jesus and my hope is through shows like It’s Time, the Lord will continue to open doors for us to reach people with our book and further our mission to get the book into hospitals and available to people who are walking through a tough season and need to understand where the Lord is through our trials.

Love y’all,


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