A New Chapter Begins.. And We Live On..

A new chapter begins.. and we live on in gratitude.  Following the completion and release of our new book, Father Please Let Me Live, (now available on Amazon), I’ve spent some time searching for “what’s next”.  And as a natural, and I believe ordained by God, next step in our journey, it’s time for us to embrace where we are today.

Looking back is painful, yet beautiful too because our journey through the unknown allowed us to find God.  But as Father Please Let Him Live wraps up at the tale end of survival, our walk through the wilderness now continues on.  We have problems and we have great loss.  We live in a world that often makes us feel like we don’t belong.  But that’s not just our story – that’s the story of so many people today.  The difference between us and folks who have perfect health is that we get to wear our brokenness on the outside.  We don’t have to pretend anymore that life is easy and we have everything under control.  You can look at us and know right away that nothing is easy and that we struggle greatly.  But our hope and our wisdom we’ve gained through these tough trials has led us to a new truth – that it’s worth it.

Our testimony continues and so does yours.  We are broken, just like so many of the apostles and prophets written of in the Bible.  We are not from here – but we are sent here by God – not to have a party and try to create heaven on earth, but to learn who HE is.

We invite you take the journey with us and to be part of our mission in finding truth.  Not only do we hope to minister to others, but we look forward to you ministering to us.  We want to help you by sharing our journey but we need your help to – and we ask you to share your journey with us.

Our story is far from over.  May the Lord keep us and walk with us as we endure the wilderness and seek his kingdom – with strength in Jesus to overcome the giants along the way.


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